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How to reprime your diesel truck after a fuel filter change

If you just about kill your battery or starter after you change your fuel filter trying to get it started again so much so that you put off changing it when you should Here is a much simpler way and should only cost you about 30 bucks and an hours time and can be done with simple hand tools

first obtain a small low pressure fuel pump that operates off 12volt
then your gonna need a foot or two of fuel hose and some clamps
your also gonna need two hose barbs that screw into the fuel pump

now locate the fuel lift pump on your engine most models it's low on the front left side(note: if your model has a internal fuel pump located inside of the fuel tank stop right here you don't need to do this ) locate the steel line comming from lift pump to the filter/heater unit
using a tube cutter cut this line in a place thats accessable to your fingers and not on a curve or bend cut a piece of fuel line thats long enough to connect the fuel pump into the gap you have made use the hose barbs on the pump side and just clamps on the steel line side (Note : deburr edges of steel line before sliding hose over them using a small file) affix the hose clamps on all connections to keep them from comming off

the wire's comming from the new fuel pump should be long enough to reach the trucks battery terminals (observe polarity) if not extend them with a few scrap's of wire

now your ready to change the filter
unsrew the old filter carefull to not spill too much fuel over the exh manfolds
using a dab of fresh fuel lube the o-ring seal on new filter and spin it on tighten about a half turn after the o-ring contacts the housing
now using a bike tire valve tool (shrader) loosten the vent valve on filter unit (middle brass valve) and connect the wire's of your new pump to the battery (do not start truck yet) wait untill all the air bubbles are out of the vent valve and slowly tighten the vent valve again using bike tire tool (electric pump is still running ) now disconnect the wires to new fuel pump
and tuck them out of the way (the new pump stay's in place untill next use)

start truck as normally and idle for a few minutes

your done and your battery's not near dead and your starter is not boiling hot simple.

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1 Answer

My 1997 Altmia keeps stalling and putting when I stop or slow down. I changed the wires and spark plugs but it is still doing it. It cut off several times today. When I had the lights on the inside and outside lights got dim. Any suggestions

sounds like your alternator could be going bad, most major autoparts stores will do a free battery, starter and alternator test, and tell you what your problem is. just make sure you ask for a full charging system test otherwise they will probably just check the battery (if the battery tests bad you wont get an accurate test on your alternator, so replace the battery then have them run the test again right away) If it is the alternator, dont let it go too long, a bad alternator can kill your battery, a bad battery can kill your alternator and starter, and a bad starter can kill a battery.

no promises that this is your problem but it is where I would start, there are other possibilites as well, such as a weak feul pump or clogged fuel filter, if your engine isn't getting enough gas it will dog down and stall. But like I said above I would start with the battery/alternator/starter test.

Sep 01, 2012 | 1997 Nissan.5 Altima

1 Answer

Hello. My 1997 Chevy Tahoe refuses to start. The problems began with a bad fuel pump. I changed. It worked. The fuel pump died again. I changed it again and it has been working. I parked it for two weeks. It wouldn't start. I changed the starter and it did the same thing. I took the old starter and the new starter back to the store. They were both bad. I exchanged for a new starter and put it on. It does better but still won't start. I have checked everything I can think of and it still won't start. The battery is new and fully charged.

Now you have a good battery & a starter that turns over the motor

Have you cycled the key on & off with a fuel pressure gauge on the
fuel rail?

Do you have a fuel filter that isn't over 3 or 4 years old?

Have you checked for spark while cranking ? Use an old plug on the wires,
if you have ignition wires,don't ground the wire without resistance

If you removed the ducting & MAF Sensor it won't start

Tell us what you checked & exactly how that was done.

Jun 09, 2011 | 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

1 Answer

87FordRanger 5spd 2.9l. Bad starter. Truck sat for month and a half with very little gas. Changed starter for rebuilt. Put in gas. Motor turned over, but no start. Tried a few more times. No start. Last time tried and starter wouldn't disengage or stop going when key removed. Battery now dead. Put Methyl into tank to deal with possible condensation, but truck won't turn over with dead battery. Don't know what to do/try next.

Your starter solenoid stuck on. (This may be internal to the starter). You need to replace the solenoid (or starter), then get the battery charged, and try again. If this has a carburetor (rather than fuel injection), you may need to prime it with starter fluid or a little gas in the throat of the carb (put the air filter assembly back on before you try to start it, you don't want to start a fire).

Sep 05, 2010 | 1987 Ford Ranger

1 Answer

1998 Chevy Blazer kills after a hour on highway after a hour or more it will start , I've had the fuel pump, fuel filter changed and it happened again after a month, I 've had the battery, distributor , distributor cap, and a tune up and after a month it happened again, I then changed the fuel filter again, and after 3 months it happend again> WHAT IS THE PROBLEM > I also changed the starter, and a year before all this I had to put in a new transmission, I have about 150,000 miles on it.

You have a short somewhere, sounds like the engine ground. Check the big cables under the hood and under the car. Just brush off the rust with a wire brush and don't forget the cables. Bolt them back up and try it again. There are at least 2 on a 98 blazer depending on where it's made. One from battery to engine, one probably from engine to firewall, and one probably from egine or tranny to the frame. May even be one from battery to frame. So look around. If it's a black cable clean it up.

Apr 26, 2009 | 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

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