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Diesel has trouble starting

Hi, if you have any problems starting any type of diesel engine then this is a very good indication that one or more of the glow plugs need replacing, to get you home you can try turning the ignition on and then wait for the glow plug light to go off then instead of trying to start the engine turn it off then back on again, doing this usually gets it started just to get you home but this wont allways work.

Its best you replace glow plugs sooner rather than later as it could leave you stuck without a vehicle.

To change the glow plugs follow these quick instructions.
1. Look where the injectors go into the cylinder head then just under these you will see a smaller plug that will have a fixed wire this wire will be running from glow plug to glow plug this wire is held onto the glow plug by an 8m nut undo this nut on top of all the glow plugs, once undone you will notice that one of the glow plugs has two wires the other wire is the wire that carries the power to all the glow plugs so just remember witch glow plug this goes to.
2. now once you have removed the connecting power wire remember witch way it runs so as to get it back on the right way round it doesnt matter to much but might be a bit tight if you put it on the wrong way round.
3. Now how to undo and remove the glow plugs: To remove you will need a deep 10m socket place this over the top of the glow plug push down to ensure tight fit then undo this glow plug will then pull out (make sure their is no muck around the glow plug that can fall inside the cylinder so just check)
once you have it out its best you replace all the glow plugs as once one goes you will find that the others wont be to far behind.
4. Fitting new glow plugs. When your fitting the new glow plugs put them into their hole and gently screw in by hand to make sure you dont cross thread the thread as this can be a nightmare to put right. tighten the glow plugs in as much as you can by hand then nip them up using 10m socket and extension bar now dont over tighten them as this will damage the thread just tighten up till just after they stop then you should find they are ok.
Refit the wire loom on top of all the glow plugs remembering to fit the main power wire to the first plug make sure you tighten the nuts up properly on top holding the wire in place.
Once you have done this you are now ready to start your vehicle you should now find it starts with no problems.

If you still have problems starting you need to now start looking at things like the diesel filter or even the diesel pump, ill explain about these in my next post ok

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1 Answer

I got a jeep wrangler unlimited 2008, glow plug indicator light shows up when the engine is cold but after it has run for sometimes and the engine

Sounds like a diesel. Glow plugs usually need to be warmed up before starting an engine. Smaller diesels either warm up quicker or it is less critical than a tractor trailer. So either your glow plug light is normal letting you know it needs time to warm up or it's letting you know they are weak and need to be replaced. I'd check the owners manual to be sure.

Sep 16, 2015 | Jeep Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

In winter time my 2004 Outlander takes a while to start-sounds like flat battery-but in summer all good.The battery on it's way out?

it is possible that the battery is at fault

if you have a DIESEL engine, then the fault is far more likely to lie with the engine preheat plugs (glow plugs) these are needed far more in the cold weather to pre heat the cylinder to allow the diesel to ignite. one or more faulty glow plugs will cause starting problems on a diesel engine, especially in cold weather.

Apr 12, 2011 | 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander

1 Answer

car wont start diesel engine Could it be the 'glow plug'? what is a glow plug? how can i test?

A glow plug is a small heating element in the cylinder. It heats the diesel so that starting can be made easy. Is your car standing in the open frozen parking If yes, then it would require a lot of battery power to first heat all the cylinders and then turn the engine to start. What we do in such conditions is to light up some fire under the car and heat the fuel system enough for the diesel to warm up a little and thus save the battery for glow plugs. Generally, all vehicles have an indicator light which comes on when the glow plugs are ready for starting. The diesel will ignite on compression, but it has to reach the cylinder and thus has to be flowing. In cold it freezes and hence the need for glow plugs and the heat. If it is parked in heated parking then the need for glow plugs decreases.

Jan 01, 2010 | 1991 Peugeot 405

1 Answer

wont start in morning

Hi if the car is a diesel engine then you need to repalce the glow plugs these are used to heat up the diesel for starting the car from cold once the car has been run or if the temp is not to cold then the glow plugs dont need to all work and it will then start.

The problem points to the glow plugs if the car starts ok when it is up to temperature if when the car is upto running temperature and then still has trouble starting then the problem will be with the diesel pump itself. If its the pump and not the glow plugs then this could be an expensive repair.
If its the glow plugs then these can be brought relatively cheap and are not to much trouble to replace if you have done this type of repair yourself.

Let me know if your car is petrol or if you need further assistnace then i will assist you further ok

Aug 17, 2009 | 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

2004 Ford f-250 6.0 Liter Diesel will crank but engine won't start. Then the next day it will start.

Hi, i would first try replacing the glow plugs as if you have problems starting from cold then this is the cause you can usually tell if it is the glow plugs if after running it up till temperature then turn it off and then start it again strait away if it starts fine when upto temp then this indicates that the glow plugs need replacing.
If it still has the problem when upto running temp then the chances are the fuel lines and injectors need cleaning.
You can buy a fuel additive and using this will solve the problem just pour it into tank then give it a good run about 3 hours then see what its like at starting if this solves the problem then i would put this into my fuel once every couple of months.
If on the other hand you still have problems then the chances are it could be either the diesel pump failing or could be even worse like head gasket.
If this is the case then this will need testing at a garage as they have testing kits to test if their are any gasses getting into the water system this indicating a head gasket problem.
If you need further assistance then post back.
Hope this is some help to you

Aug 04, 2009 | 2004 Ford F250

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