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How to change the headlight switch without breaking the plastic pull knob

First off disconnect the negative battery cable, then pull the headlight knob towards you, turn the knob either way to spot the notch in the plastic knob.Take an 90 degree pick and place it inside that notch on the switch.Pull the pick towards you to remove the knob with ease.Then remove the two screws on the dash bezel and then remove the bezel.Next, remove the headlight mounting nut for the switch.Then pull the switch thru the dash and remove the pigtail from the switch.Install is reverse of disassembly.Hope this tip helps!!

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how to replace headlight assembly

  • 1

    Open the hood of the vehicle to disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal and expose the headlight assembly.

  • 2

    Remove the headlight retainer clips by pulling toward the engine compartment.

  • 3

    Turn the bulb holder counterclockwise to pull the bulb from the headlight assembly and disconnect the electrical connection.

  • 4

    Install the new headlight. Do not touch the glass of the headlight -- oil from your fingers can cause the bulb to overheat and fail.

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    Replace bulb holder into headlight assembly and turn clockwise to secure it. Fasten the the retainer clips to secure the headlight assembly.

  • The retainer clips look like this :

    Jul 30, 2011 | 2004 Chevrolet Blazer

    1 Answer

    the headlights doesn't turn on. already change bulbs.

    Your headlight switch needs to be replaced. Here's the section from the maintenance manual.

    Headlight Switch REMOVAL & INSTALLATION

    1996 Dakota
    1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    2. Remove the steering column cover and remove the instrument panel bezel. Two screws are hidden behind the steering column cover.
    3. Remove the screws from the headlight switch bezel, pull the assembly out and disconnect the wiring.
    4. Remove the nut retaining the bezel to the bracket. Depress the spring button on the right side of the switch and remove the headlight switch knob and stem.
    5. Remove the spanner nut and remove the switch.
    6. The installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

    Feb 01, 2011 | 1996 Dodge Dakota

    1 Answer

    How to put in a headlight on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer

    Please follow the stepwise solution carefully.
    1.Open the hood and disconnect the truck's negative battery cable.
    Remove the grille. Unbolt and remove the plastic panel over the radiator, then use a flat screwdriver to release the clips securing the grille at the bottom to the headlight panel and lift the grill off.

    Pull up the retaining tabs for the headlight housing, which are on opposite ends, and carefully pull the housing out. Remove the park/turn signal bulb socket from the housing by detaching the holders and electrical connectors and disconnect the side marker socket.

    Take off the circular access cover from the rear of the headlight housing. Twist the bulb in a counterclockwise direction, withdraw the bulb with its electrical connector from the housing and disconnect the electrical connector.

    Hold the new bulb by the holder--do not touch the glass--as you connect the electrical connector. Place the bulb in the housing and twist it clockwise to lock it in place. Close the access cover.

    Install the headlight housing into the panel, connecting the electrical connectors, signal bulb socket and side marker socket. Push the retaining tabs in place.

    7.Reinstall the grille and plastic radiator panel and reconnect the negative battery cable.

    Problem solved.

    Take care.

    Aug 06, 2010 | 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

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    1997 ford f-150 , need to remove headlight switch to remove instrament panel to replace bulbs

    turn the switch all the way on pull out on it insert a small tool into the end and remove.

    Mar 04, 2010 | 1999 Ford Expedition

    1 Answer

    replacing headlight

    Composite Headlights
    Most of the vehicles covered by this manual are equipped with composite headlight assemblies. Due to space constraints, no access may be provided to withdraw the bulbs, so the replacement usually requires removal of the composite assembly.

    CAUTION The composite headlight assemblies use Halogen bulbs which contain a gas under pressure. Improper handling of the bulb could cause it to shatter into flying glass fragments. To help avoid personal injury, follow the precautions closely.

    Exploded view of the composite headlight mounting—1995-97 model shown

    Whenever handling a Halogen bulb, ALWAYS follow these precautions:
    • Turn the headlight switch OFF and allow the bulb to cool before changing it. Leave the switch OFF until the change is complete.
    • ALWAYS wear eye protection when changing a halogen bulb.
    • Handle the bulb only by its base. Avoid touching the glass.
    • DO NOT drop or scratch the bulb.
    • Keep dirt and moisture off the bulb.
    • Place the used bulb in the new bulb's carton and dispose of it properly.
    1. Raise the hood and locate the bulb mounting location at the rear of the composite headlamp body.
    2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    3. If necessary for access, remove the splash shield or side marker lamp(s).
    4. On some models it may be necessary to remove the side marker lamp.
    Unfasten the thumb screws, then ...

    1. If there is enough room to access the plastic base, press in and turn the base 1/4 turn counterclockwise and remove from the metal retaining ring by gently pulling back and away from the headlight. Remove the electrical connector from the bulb by raising the lock tab and pulling the connector down and away from the bulb's plastic base.
    2. If you can't access the bulb from the engine compartment, unfasten the thumb screws, and/or other retainers, then pull the composite headlight assembly forward slightly and disengage the wiring connector. Press in and turn the base 1/4 turn counterclockwise and remove the bulb from the metal retaining ring by gently pulling back and away from the headlight.
    ... pull the headlight assembly away from the vehicle for access to the bulb and connector

    8b6245d.gif \
    Remove the retaining ring from the base of the bulb, then ...

    ... turn the bulb and remove it from the headlight assembly

    To install:
    1. Attach the electrical connector on the new bulb's plastic base making sure that the lock tab is in place.
    2. Install the bulb by inserting the smallest tab located on top of the plastic base into the corresponding notch in the metal retaining ring. Turn clockwise 1/4 turn until it stops. The small plastic tab should be at the top of the metal ring.
    3. Install the composite headlight assembly, then secure with the retainers.
    4. Connect the negative battery cable, then check for proper headlight operation.

    Jan 10, 2010 | 1997 Buick Skylark

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