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Ford Edge TSS and OSS sensor failure symptoms and diagnosis

This video explains the symptom and reviews the parts and repairs needed to bring your ford edge 6F50 six speed transmission back to working order. Technical PDF Documents can be obtained at MACTFORDEDGE on Facebook.
TSS and OSS failure on 2007 2010 Ford Edge explained

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how to change speed sensor

Answer by Mike Escue,--- To replace the output speed sensor( i just finished doing mine i bought it from ford for 40 bucks and tax if you put the edge on good size ramps and put on the parking brake remove the entire air box on the front right remove the wheel well cover and locate the black cover on the front of the transmission(behind the raidiator)the output speed sensor is at the botom of the transmission and when you remove the front trans cover and the sensor get a bucket or drip pan handy about 3-4 quarts will come out (it holds 10)mercon V the electrical harness is behind the black cover the say remove the valve body you dont have to i tied a wire to the connector and fished the new one back through the front shaved off a couple of hours that way i am not super mechanically inclined but when ford said 800 bucks to replace it i asked for an exploded view and bought the part told them i would bring it back for them to install later

Apr 16, 2014 | 2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus

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Where is the1995 ford taurus shift solenoid located on the car?

Are you referring to a transmission shift solenoid, or the shifter lockout solenoid? The shift solenoids, that control the shifting of the transmission, are located internally in the trans, specifically in the valve body. The shifter lockout solenoid, which is the solenoid that prevents you from shifting out of park, without depressing the brake pedal, is located in the shifter assembly itself, below the center console.

The transmission solenoids are located just inside the fluid pan. Here is some info for replacing them. It is acually pretty easy.

I own a 2002 '''Ford '''Focus with automatic '''transmission. The symptoms are that the '''transmission disengages (slips out of gear) when it goes into 3rd gear. When the car slows down to 20 miles an hour or so (or when you stop) it re-engages. You can drive the car in 1st or 2nd gear generally. The '''transmission light comes on. There are no noises associated with this problem. If you have this problem then it's probably the "A" '''Solenoid that needs to be replaced. Here's how you make sure that's the case and fix it for $50.

1. You need to pull the diagnostic computer codes. '''Ford will pull them for you for $100. But, you can do it for free by going to AutoZone. They have a loaner computer diagnostic code puller. If you bring the car they'll just do it for you in the parking lot. If you want to borrow the tool then they will want a $200 security deposit. I recommend that you bring the car to them if you it's close. Also, there are lots of small shops that will pull the code for you for free. There's no reason to pay a "diagnostic fee" to pull the computer repair code. This code will tell you Exactly which '''solenoid to replace. It's typically the "A" '''solenoid, though.

2. Once you get the code you need to know which '''solenoid to replace.

3. It's fairly easy to replace the '''solenoid. You need a 5/16 socket and rachet and a tube of Gray RTV Gasket Maker (you can get it at any auto parts store).

4. You need to buy the '''solenoid. I only found it at '''Ford. For some reason when I told 3 different parts managers I wanted the "A" '''solenoid (which is how it's described in every '''Ford '''transmission diagram and on the computer code) they didn't know which one it was. There are 6
5. For the repair you need to raise the front of the car. I used ramps, but make sure it's secure. The transaxle ('''transmission) is in the front right, as you look at the car. The bottom is a pan, like an oil pan, with about 20 bolts holding it on. They're 5/16th's. There's '''transmission fluid in the pan, but no "drain bolt". So, have a pan ready to catch the fluid once the '''transmission pan comes loose. Be careful. '''Transmission fluid is hot, it will make a mess. And, the pan has a silicone gasket seal around it. So, once you get the bolts off/loose you will probably need to work the pan loose. Don't bend it. (Make sure you get all the bolts off, it's easy to miss one.) I left one bolt on the front so I could ease the pan loose from the '''transmission on the back and let the fluid run into a pan. Then I removed the pan.

6. You will see SIX '''solenoids in the '''transmission. You can't miss them. Each one has a different colored wire going to it. The A '''Solenoid has a white wire going to it, it's a small '''solenoid in the center on the right. It's held in place by one bolt (that's also 5/16ths). Unplug the wire, remove the bolt and remove the '''solenoid. Put the new '''solenoid in.

7. Carefully and completely scrape all the old gasket off the '''transmission surface the the edge of the fluid pan. Clean it. Then apply the new gasket (from the tube) onto the edge of the pan. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you just apply a thin bead of gasket compound. Don't use too much or the excess will get into your '''transmission and cause a problem.

8. Replace the pan. Let the gasket set according to the instructions on the tube - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. And refill the '''transmission with '''transmission fluid. I was told to use the same fluid I took out, by someone I trust. You use a funnel and refill it through the '''transmission dipstick tube (front, right of the engine, yellow handle). Make sure you put it in the right place. Fill it slowly. Then run the engine and check the fluid. Add until it reads correctly on the dipstick. You check '''transmission fluid with the car running and the fluid hot.


Feb 20, 2011 | 1995 Ford Taurus

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Transmission issue

is ''s'' light blinking on the dash
the tranny uses a speed sensor mounted on the outer side,
this sensor calculates the transmission speed and compairs it
with the vehicle speed if the tranny speed sensor is not working
proper this can cause the miss shift

Aug 17, 2008 | 1990 Honda Accord

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