Top 20 1993 Toyota Camry V6 Questions & Answers

Hi. Thanks for your question. For issues related to breaks on 1993 Toyota cramy you can visit and download the entire workshop manual which includes all the information along with the diagrams for better understanding. Good day!

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have the fault codes read
indicates an EVAP venting problem or vacuum leak

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1993 toyota camry Here's this link that can help you solve your problem. Al the best, friend.

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DO NOT PLAY WITH SYSTEM ITS DANGEROUS take to air con dealer to diagnose the problem i worked on car aircon systems and have seen many accidents the only way is to check the high and low pressures ifits got the old r12 then it may need converting to hc134 refridgerant

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There is a switch in the airflow meter that keeps the fuel pump relay closed as long as there is airflow. With the meter unplugged, the pump should not run except when the key is turned to start. It would seem to me that you have a wiring issue. Try jumping the fuel pump relay so the pump runs whenever the key is on. (Remove the relay and jump the pump wire to the accessory wire--see top left diagram.) This defeats the safety feature but will keep the pump running.


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These issues are unrelated. The input air temp sensor is indicated by code 24. That sensor is integrated with the airflow sensor. I don't remember which pins, but you can find info online. Che k the connector and wiring first. Tne sensor is expensive. For the overdrive issue, do you have clean fluid? You can try some additive.

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power to radio might have been interrupted and now it has to be reset. Get code from dealer.

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It could be something bigger $ like rings or valves but first check your spark plug wires and plugs. There is a chance you have a crack in one of the wires that ends up shorting out or a plug that is fouled - dirty just enough to cause problems. If so, replace them. Given what you said - sitting for a couple days and may have problems, that is a bit concerning if it's consistent meaning each time it sits for a few days you have the problem but when you use it each day, no issue. If it's that way, you should take it to a repair shop and have the compression checked on each cylinder.

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I have a 94 Camry which did this. There were no trouble codes stored in the ECM to give me a clue either, but that is still the first thing if you have not done so already - get a readout of trouble codes if any. In theUS Autozone will do that for you.

What it was in my 94, was the ECM itself had become faulty,. It had to be diagnosed by swapping in a replacement. If you do so, get one from a wrecker, with a short-time guarantee, for the exact same engine and transmission.

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tacho wires go to distributor or coil connection so trace that connection to see where they go

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Check the connection of the negative to the chassis of the lighting system

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Sounds like you should not be driving the vehicle at all until the issue is rectified.

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without being able to look at the car its next to impossible to diagnose what's going on. taking your car to the dealer will be the best idea considering they have to the tools and equipment to "talk" to the vehicle and see if its storing error codes when these incidents happen. keep in mind this will cost you money since your vehicle is out of warranty.

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Transmissions do not lose power engines do . perhaps you need to get the cooling system serviced .

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if clutch fan gone bad - replace clutch==if electrical check power to fan if power good than bearings or internal binding replace fan

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Hi,if I was you I would put the distributor in the only way it will fit.
as long as you have got the valve and crank timing gear setup correctly you cant do eny damage.if you have set the valve and crank so when you turn the crank twice from tdc mark and the marks line up then you can sort out the ignition timing out after.
hope this was some help

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talk to a machine shop they will be able to tell you for sure.

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This may assist

It is for the 1MZ engine but I think the marks are very similar

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the temp dial needs to be changed to warm or hot not cold .

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go on google and keyword it for your car , I done it with my corolla , it was easy , just post find code on my 93 camry this should do it

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