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Check by the drivers side kick panel. To the left of the brake pedal

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Mar 23, 2018

Does the van have remote keyless entry (RKE) system ?
Interior Lighting System Description
Vehicles with the optional remote keyless entry (RKE) system have interior lighting controlled by the body control module (BCM).
This vehicle uses a delayed interior lighting system.
The system functions as follows:
• The dome lamps will illuminate when any door is opened.
• The dome lamps will remain on for 20 seconds after the last door is closed.
• The delay is canceled and the dome lamps will go out when the ignition switch is turned to the ON position.
• The illuminated entry function will not operate when the dome lamp defeat switch is in the OFF position.
• The interior lighting system is protected from battery rundown by the retained accessory power (RAP) system. The RAP system functions by shutting down interior lights after 10 minutes (when ignition is OFF).

Interior Lights Circuit Description
When the interior lamps circuits are closed/enabled, the courtesy lamp relay is activated by the two following coil circuits:
• CKT 690 (GRY/BLK) which is the courtesy lamp enable output of the body control module (BCM) driving the coil side of the relay.
• CKT 1732 (ORN) which is the coil output side of the relay going to the potential grounding switches/sources.
When the courtesy lamp relay is enabled, CKT 156 (WHT) (courtesy lamp output) is enabled by the closed contact at the relay and then grounded by CKT 750 (BLK) at G110.
Some of these circuits can also be activated with the headlamp and panel dimmer switch. When this happens, the coil output side of the inadvertent power relay is grounded to the body control module (BCM) via CKT 1393 (DK BLU)
CKT 40 (ORN) from the courtesy fuse drives both input sides of the inadvertent power relay. When the contact is pulled closed, CKT 1732 (ORN) is supplied power, thus driving any lamps/circuits attached that circuit and providing ground.
The body control module (BCM) also monitors the following four door inputs:
• CKT 49 (DK BLU) -- LH door jamb switch input
• CKT 54 (ORN) -- RH door jamb switch input
• CKT 775 (PNK) -- Side door jamb switch input
• CKT 656 (YEL) -- Rear door jamb switch input/liftgate strut switch input (depending on option content)
When the doors are closed, the body control module (BCM) is in a floating state of 0-2 volts. When the doors are opened, the courtesy lamp relay is activated, sending power to the courtesy lamps.
The headlamp and panel dimmer switch also activates the following interior courtesy lamps when the switch is placed in the PARK or HEADLAMP ON positions:
• RF power window switch
• RH power door lock switch
• LH power window switch
• LH power door lock switch
• LH outside rearview mirror control switch
• Rear radio control head
The dome lamps can be disabled by closing the dome lamp defeat switch located on the headlamp and panel dimmer switch.

Courtesy or Dome Lamps Inoperative
Important: Verify functional bulbs before beginning diagnostic procedure.
Did you perform the Lighting Diagnostic System Check?
YES - Go to Step 2
NO - Go to Diagnostic System Check - Lighting Systems
Are all of the courtesy/dome lamps inoperative?
YES - Go to Step 6
NO - Go to Step 3
Activate courtesy/dome lamps
With DMM, check for battery voltage from inoperative lamp CKT 1732 (ORN) to ground
Is battery voltage present?
YES - Go to Step 4
NO - Go to Step 5
Repair open in CKT 156 (WHT) between inoperative lamp assemply and S214.
Is the repair complete?
NO - Go to Step 10
Repair open in CKT 1732 (ORN) between inoperative lamp assemply and one of the following splices:
• S258
• S301
Is the repair complete?
Go to Step 10
Turn the courtesy lamp switch to the ON position
Check for battery voltage at BCM C2 cavity B12.
Is battery voltage present?
Go to Step 7
Go to Diagnostic System Check - Body Control System in Body Control Systems
Verify continuity of the following three circuits with DMM:
• CKT 1732 (ORN) between courtesy lamp relay and body control module
• CKT 156 (WHT) between courtesy lamp relay and S214
• CKT 750 (BLK) between courtesy lamp relay and S206
Are all of the circuits functional?
Go to Step 8
Go to Step 9
Replace courtesy lamp relay.
Is repair complete?
Go to Step 10
Repair the inoperative circuit.
Is the repair complete?
Go to Step 10
Operate the system in order to verify the repair.
Did you correct the condition?
System OK
Go to Step 2

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Mar 01, 2018

Tip & How-To about Cars & Trucks
Resetting a Vehicle Anti-Theft System This is how you reset an anti theft system if you have the anti-theft light on, or your car is cranking, but you have no spark.

Doing a full reset of the anti-theft system.

Disconnect both battery leads for at least two hours.
Hold the negative and positive leads together for 5 minutes to fully discharge any power.
Put the key in the ignition, but not turned on. VERY IMPORTANT!
Connect the positive lead.
Connect the negative lead in one swift movement.
Wait 15 minutes for the system to fully reset.
Posted by Andrew... on Jan 14, 2018

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Mar 01, 2018

you need the service and repair manual in which you will find the part number and also how to fix the part with diagram you can get the manual from the given link http://toolsnyou.com/

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Jan 25, 2018

i went under for driver side then i took off passenger side wheel you also have to remove two bolts that are holding dipstick tube in place it is easy to get them from the wheel well on passenger

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Oct 29, 2017

is the truck moving while all of this is going on?

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Sep 29, 2017

you can disconnect it by unplugging it when you find the location. all the lights will work normally.

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Sep 12, 2016

What have you done to try and correct this? Has the brake light switch been tested? Are the fuses OK?

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Jul 13, 2016

there are typically 3 to 4 lag screws or bolts on them. If you are leaking that bad it is shot, no question there, getting a replacement will show you where they are located on the tank. save yourself a headache and make sure it has the pump and ant level sensors already installed, then when you unplug the connectors clean them with BLACK sandpaper and treat with dielectric grease (the small "buck a pack" ) convenience packs at the counter of the local auto parts store will suffice. If you bought a used tank make sure you clean the connectors on it as well. When you are done, take apart the old tank, save the pump(s) and any sensors as spares. AND if you are really handy with a high wattage soldering iron with a broad head or a wood burner, you MAY be able to melt the broken tank back together, or fill in missing plastic with donor plastic from a heavy food grade plastic bottle. And let me tell you, This (plastic welding) is a majorly useful skill, and is actually the principle that hot glue works under.

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Apr 04, 2016

Check bulbs. If ok, check fuse. If ok. check brake light switch on brake pedal. If ok, the brake light circuit goes through the signal light switch and it may be defective

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Jan 21, 2016

Body Control Module (BCM)
Inside the dash, above the radio

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Dec 24, 2015

Someone would need to disconnect all of the circuits including the alternator then reconnect one by one. It could be anything from a stuck relay to a light on.

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Nov 18, 2015 or right side is 1.3.5...
front or left side is 2.4.6...

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Oct 12, 2015

In the thermostat housing
In the left rear of the engine block next to the knock sensor

2000 GMC Safari | Answered on Sep 19, 2015

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