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29mm, torque to 175 foot pounds on assembly

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There is no noise or clicking in the back where the latch is. Solenoid not functioning.

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The GEM has nothing to do with it !
Odometer/Trip Odometer
The odometer and trip odometer are displayed in the integrated circuit LCD display. The instrument cluster records the total mileage of the vehicle using information received from the PCM, and electronically displays this information in the LCD. If this information is not received, the LCD displays all dashes. How did you prove that instrument cluster isn't bad ?
Did you have a factory scan tool hooked up , check for DTC'S - diagnostic trouble code's ? View data to the instrument cluster etc...
Instrument Cluster Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Index DTC Description Source Action B1202 Fuel Sender Circuit Open Instrument cluster Go To Pinpoint Test B . B1204 Fuel Sender Circuit Short to Ground Instrument cluster Go To Pinpoint Test B . B1205 EIC Switch-1 Assembly Circuit Failure Instrument cluster INSTALL a new instrument cluster. REFER to Instrument Cluster in this section. TEST the system for normal operation. B1342 Instrument Cluster Is Defective Instrument cluster CLEAR the DTCs. REPEAT the self-test. If DTC B1342 is present, INSTALL a new instrument cluster. REFER to Instrument Cluster in this section. TEST the system for normal operation. B1359 Ignition Run/ACC Circuit Failure Instrument cluster Go To Pinpoint Test A . B1317 Battery Voltage High Instrument cluster Go To Pinpoint Test N . B1318 Battery Voltage Low Instrument cluster Go To Pinpoint Test N . U2199 Invalid Data for Engine Coolant Instrument cluster Go To Pinpoint Test D .
Your best bet ,take it to a qualified repair shop.
  • The speedometer/odometer is inoperative
  • Powertrain control module (PCM).
  • Instrument cluster.
  • Go To Pinpoint Test F .

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tun the fault codes to determine the possible fault sensor
indicates a crank/cam position sensor

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check your crank and cam sensors...see if one is not plugged tight in

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Check the return spring position with the other side drum for comparison.

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sadly only a LOCAL mechanic / garage can tell you how much a fix will cost .

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It sounds like it's getting more fuel then it is air check the fuel filter and the mass air flow sensor it regulates the amount of air send it to the computer and the computer breaks down how much gas to operate the vehicle and run smooth hope this helps text George

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Try charging the battery and start the car then disconnect both battery cables and see if the engine keeps running if not alternators got bad rectifiers if it stays running check the fuse link also check the alternator voltage coming out it should be 14.4 or so and use 0000 steel wool to clean connectors at the battery and the ground on the block and any ground straps from the engine to the frame and the connections at the starter and one more thing no vehicle given so check belt tightness if a regular belt 1/4" play if you have a belt tensioner that is adjustable same thing 1/4" play if it's an automatic tensioner stand in front and watch it as someone races the engine if it's moving back N forth and I mean flopping around its bad it should only slightly move when rpms go up not move a lot this means the belt is slipping and not turning the alternator and as you keep driving eventually the battery goes dead post back to me in comments with all checks and progress you're making so we can rule out things done ok good luck and please rate my answer when you can I'm a taxi mechanic with 50 years experience so that's where your info is coming from oh yeah 1 more thing the condition of the belt and pulleys make sure nothing is leaking on to the belt/pulleys and the belt is in good shape also check the pulley grooves for build up of debris grease or belt material this will cause a slipping belt and rpm loss at the alternator so you have some investigations to do and keep a list of everything you did this w a y your not standing saying I think so/or did I do this you must have a positive confirmation of your work done so I can help you also make model and year would be a big help so do these things and I'll look for you tomorrow I'm doing a heater core on a crown victoria and I have to put it back together it goes back out on the street at 4am for the day shift and a another chariot driver in later man

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Dirty connection on plug to fuel rail pressure sensor

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Yes, its the typical indication of turbo gone.

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What relay's an fuse's ? open and close circuit test to the bulb connectors ??????? Voltage testing with a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter !
B+voltage going into the multifunction switch ? Fuse F2.59 7.5 amp located in the central junction box . Green with red trace goes to mulitifunction switch (high beam ) pin #6 , Pin#7 multifunction switch green with yellow trace goes to control (energize ) High beam relay . Control side high beam relay grounds at G103 ! High beam relay located in the battery junction box . Do you know how to test for B+ voltage ? Forget this open and close circuit test . Voltage drop testing is the correct way to test a electrical circuit , the circuit has to be energized .
Do you know what a wiring diagram is ? Did you view a wiring to know what you were testing ? If know ,you can't say you have a compleat circuit. Free wiring diagrams here Enter vehicle info ,under system click on lighting ,then under subsystem click on Head lamps . Click the search button then the blue link . Using a volt meter test .
Basic Electricity for Service Techs Ohm law Current Flow Opens Shorts
Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know
The high beam relay is c1050 ,thats the only one you need ! Do you know about relays ?
VEHICLE RELAYS Operation Diagnosis

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Go to ford owners.Com register then download your owners manual go to roadside emergencies and your fuse box diagrams are in there with the values also other important information about your car you can keep the manual on your phone or computer and print what you need

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when does this grinding sound occour ?

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Electrical testing of the starter circuit an control circuit when it won't crank is the proper way to diagnose this type problem .Testing not guessing . Do you know what all is involved to make that start crank ? There is wiring , connectors , ignition switch , park neutral safety switch , starter relay , PCM - powertrain control etc.... When you turn the key to the start position battery + voltage is sent on circuit 50-BB16 A to pin 85 at the starter relay in the central junction box . If there isn't any problem with the anti-theft system the PCM will supply a ground to energize the starter relay. This will close the contacts inside the relay sending B+ voltage from fuse F1.8 30 amp in the battery junction an through the transmission range sensor to the S terminal on the starter solenoid . There are no magical fixes for automotive electrical problems .
No Crank Diagnosis how to troubleshoot starting system problems All make an model vehicles are basicly the same , but viewing a wiring is essential . Could have moisture , corrosion etc... Your best bet , take it to a guy like in the video . If you were here where i am it would cost about $ 100.00 for 1 hour diagnostic time .

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faulty bulb or the connection on the bulb fitting is not good.

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Could be a locked up oil pump if you're fortunate. It sounds though like you've broken or seized a bearing or several.
Have a really good,honest mechanic take a look.

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