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You don't reset it, it will reset on it's own once you get a key made and programmed by a professional locksmith.

2007 Ford F-150... | Answered Yesterday

This is a code for Airbag system. Need to check wire, fuse. Remember if working on Airbag always disconnect the negative battery cable.

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered Yesterday

Ihat a Dealer could do. would go back to rebuilder. This sounds like Electronic controls are not regulating base warm rpm. There is usually a slight adjustment in the "throttle position sensor" which has a slotted side and a stationary pivot point. You won't get much, maybe 50 to 75 rpm but if both attaching bolts are loosened and the TPS is moved along the slotted end, it may be enough to help.

There are some electronic adjustments or even a re-flash to factory specs that a Dealer can do. Really do not want to bring bad news, but Phasars for camshafts are fed by oil journals which make Phasars work. If passages are not equally clean, then Phasars will adjust differently on each cylinder bank. Higher rpm means higher oil pressure

2004 Ford F150 | Answered 2 days ago

I don't know where that wire goes, but the driving lights are only supposed to come on when the headlights are also on.

2004 Ford F150 | Answered 3 days ago

You fix the problem. It resets itself when the trouble is fixed. You can erase the code with a scan tool, but if the problem isn't fixed it'll light up again. There is no "reset"

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered 3 days ago

Hello Trainerdann,

Some troubles just HAVE to be traced (hand over hand):
My best recommendation will be to start with the HORN
& go hand over hand with the FACTORY drawings....

There is always that little INFO about ripping ....,
(what .aren't you telling us... Any relay swaps
(or bullet holes)) you have not mentioned.


Totally FREE circuit Drawings & Technical Service Bulletins
(TSBs) are available on the BBB Industries website...

Registration is required... (These are REAL documents)...
BBB Industries Premium Alternators Starters Power Steering Products

The only problem... Every time you return from the
DRAWINGS you are in the Technical Service Bulletins...

and must switch back to "WIRING"... but FREE... helps.

I hope I have.

Carnac the Magnificent

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered on Jan 15, 2018

if everything else works in the past I have had this problem and it was the headlight switch assembly itself

1994 Ford F150... | Answered on Jan 14, 2018

The starting problem is a direct result of the truck not being in the PARK position. There is a lock-out on the brake pedal lever under the dash that often gets hit by the drivers feet and knocked out of position or broken. It prevents the starter from engaging unless your foot is on the brake and the gearshift is in PARK.

The gearshift cable is suspect. If the old cable was snapped or some other defect was evident then putting on a new one should have been close to a full repair less adjustments. But the cable could have been the weak link and a frozen part on one end of the cable or the other caused the failure. Could be if the old cable was intact, the ends it attached to are spinning around and not moving the shafts or transmission valve bodies inside the transmission.

I do know that on later models like my 1999 F150, there were model changeovers and 2 types of transmissions and 4 exhaust systems depending on 2 or 4 wheel drive. Could be the new cable is different for your year model or were given wrong cable. Question is "Did you hold up new part to old and verify length?". Is 2 wheel drive cable different than 4 wheel drive cable?

This problem is hopefully seen by a transmission guy who can give a better answer than mine. I can also suggest a Websearch for installing this cable using your truck type and year could produce some videos on YouTube to help you. Hope this helps you.

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered on Jan 13, 2018

You have a broken retaining clip in side the transmission .These hold the shifting forks as well as the gears in the correct positions . Drain the oil from the transmission you will see the broken clip

1989 Ford F 150 | Answered on Jan 13, 2018

Sounds as though the window switch is worn out. If you can remove the switch module or the entire door interior trim panel (you tube may have video -- you didn't specify make model or vintage ), you probably can cobble a "momentary contact" switch to use instead. If you don't understand wiring, and don't have a qualified friend to help, an auto trim shop may be able to do it. Could be the motor itself, of course -- you can test it with the panel removed.

2000 Ford F150... | Answered on Jan 12, 2018

You can borrow a Noid tester for the fuel injectors or use a voltmeter. It sounds like you found fuel pressure at the fuel rail and assume you have fuel going into the engine. The starting fluid is getting into the engine so it is trying to run. What you need to do is find out if the injectors are opening.
The electric tests of a voltmeter or Noid tester check that.

Assuming the inertia switch is allowing fuel to the fuel rail, the injectors are controlled by the crankshaft position sensor or a cam sensor. If the injectors do not pulse with electric power then a signal is lost from a sensor or the Brain is not processing signals from the sensors.

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered on Jan 12, 2018

I assume you must have broken an earth wire to the rear lights.
Test the feeds with a test light to verify they are ok , if good, just add an earth wire.
However, if tgere are no feeds to lights, you must have dropped a block connector and will have to trace it back..prob under tank!

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered on Jan 12, 2018

could be I would first check and make sure you didn't cross a plug wire it happen's and easy to do check and make sure your distributer isn't cracked.

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered on Jan 12, 2018

You probably pinched a wire when you put the bed back on. You most likely have a blown fuse as further proof that you shorted out everything in the back of the truck.
Recheck all your wiring paths.

Ford F-150 Cars... | Answered on Jan 12, 2018

Check dash gauges. Are they stepper motor type. Check internet for repair service if so. Around $125

1991 Ford F150 | Answered on Jan 10, 2018

Check the website for Autozone to get wiring diagrams free. If starter spins but doesn't engage, it is a bad starter drive located on the shaft of your starter. The solenoid is only there to spin the starter on a Ford. The centrifugal force engages the starter gear.

1985 Ford F150 | Answered on Jan 10, 2018

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