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Hi, The clicking you hear is the anti theft system has been triggered, beneath the steering column pull down the fuse cover and locate the (ECU) fuse Labeled so on cover and owners manual. Remove (ECU) fuse turn ignition to on only, do not start, wait 3 minutes turn off ignition remove key, reinstall (ECU) fuse. Try starting Vehicle!

2001 Cadillac... | Answered 44 minutes ago

Likely a rotating part hitting a resonant frequency. It might be a universal joint on the drive shaft, a wheel out of balance or tire out of round. You might try lightly touching the brakes while maintaining the same speed. If it's something to do with tires or wheels, that would likely stop it. My first car would oscillate violently after hitting a bump in the road, due to a loose suspension part.

2005 Cadillac... | Answered 16 hours ago

Won't start an run , not won't turn over . Not turn over would be when you turn the key to the start position an nothing happens . An if you don't know where to spray starter fluid you really should take it to a qualified repair shop . In the end your going too anyway .

Cadillac Cars &... | Answered Yesterday

Testing would need to be done , scan tool hooked up checking DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes . View data etc...
Keyless Entry System Description and Operation - Active
The keyless entry system is a vehicle entry device. The keyless entry system is used in conjunction with the door locks to unlock the vehicle. Keyless entry will lock/unlock a door or open the rear compartment lid when a corresponding button on the keyless entry transmitter is pressed. This is accomplished by the transmitter sending a radio frequency to the remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR). The RCDLR interprets the signal and activates the requested function via a serial data message. A low transmitter battery or radio frequency (RF) interference from aftermarket devices, such as 2-way radios, power inverters, computers, etc., may cause a system malfunction. High RF traffic areas, such as gas stations that use pay-at-the-pump RF transponders, may also cause interference that could lead to a malfunction. Keyless entry allows you to operate the following features:
• Door lock/unlock
• Rear compartment lid release
• Illuminated entry lamps
• Panic alarm/Vehicle locator
• Remote vehicle start

Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop . Dealer

2008 Cadillac... | Answered 2 days ago

it sounds like the dvd unit has gone faulty

Cadillac SRX... | Answered 2 days ago

No the torque converter clutch solenoid won't have anything to do with it . More then likely it's the internal mode switch . This tell's the computer which gear is selected , then the PCM energizes the correct shift solenoid . The PCM will send this info to the instrument cluster over the class 2 serial data network . The instrument cluster has a microprocessor with logic programmed into it. More then likely has DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes stored in one of the computers on the vehicle . Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop .

The internal mode switch (IMS) is a sliding contact electrical switch assembly that corresponds to the PRNDL position selected. Each of the PRNDL positions has a unique ground pattern on the four wires from the PCM. The IMS consists of two major components: The housing, which houses the tracks and makes up the stationary contacts. The insulator assembly makes up the moving contacts and is linked to the detent lever. The range detection is accomplished by securing the moving contacts of the IMS to the detent lever. When the driver selects a PRNDL position, the detent lever inside the transaxle rotates. This slides the IMS moving contacts which in return grounds the four wires in a unique pattern for each gear selection corresponding to the PRNDL position selected. The IMS is electrically connected by five wires (four of which the PCM supplies voltage to and one wire that is a common ground) to the transaxle pass through connector.
PRNDL Display
The IPC is equipped with a vacuum fluorescent (VF) PRNDL display. The IPC PRNDL information is received from PCM via class 2 serial data message.

Turn OFF the ignition.
Install a scan tool.
Start the engine.
Place the gear shifter in the following gears:
Observe the IMS parameter in the powertrain control module (PCM) data display.
Does the scan tool indicate that the IMS parameter is the same as the PRNDL display for all gears?

2000 Cadillac... | Answered 3 days ago

You need the dealer to scan the system for faults, guessing will not fix it.

Cadillac Cars &... | Answered on Feb 17, 2018

Just replaced fuel filter, all injectors, plugs and compute ?????? Why did you replace all these thing's ????? Did you have the computer programmed ?

2005 Cadillac... | Answered on Feb 16, 2018

I suggest you check for trouble codes with a code reader. When the engine reaches operating temperature it goes from open loop into closed loop control, which relies on a readings from a number of sensors (particularly O2 sensors) to adjust fuel and ignition. If this problem is being caused by a sensor or computer problem, you should see the trouble code and you can go from there.

Cadillac DeVille... | Answered on Feb 14, 2018

Lights on codes are stored . take it to a qualified repair shop.

Cadillac Cars &... | Answered on Feb 12, 2018

There is no secret button. It sounds like the linkage between the tilt lever and the tilt mechanism inside the steering column has come loose, or the mechanism is jammed. If that's the case, it's a complicated job to repair it, and because of the air bag in the wheel housing, should only be done by a qualified shop.

2005 Cadillac... | Answered on Feb 12, 2018

The transmission sounds like it was over-filled. - you must always check the fluid level only when the transmission is at full operating temperature. The fluid volume increases a lot as it heats to operating temperature, and if overfilled, will come out the filler tube. To avoid seal problems, I would take it back to the mechanic and ask him to remove some of the fluid to bring it back in line with the dipstick markings.

2001 Cadillac... | Answered on Feb 12, 2018

you have a low voltage problem. either a bad battery or a brake in a wire somewhere. My sister had the same problem in her car. Had it to the gm dealer 3 times they couldnt figure it out. I put a new battery in, new wire from batter to starter, and a new altenater and wires to it. just by dumb luck i noticed the (+) wire from the bat to the fuse box under the hood was broke at the fuse box. Put new wire on it and 2.5 years later no problems.

2003 Cadillac... | Answered on Feb 12, 2018

Hi, you have to replace the cigarette lighter fuse....

2000 Cadillac... | Answered on Feb 11, 2018

On older model cars, the compressor was under the hood, on driver's side, mounted on the frame rail.

Cadillac STS... | Answered on Feb 11, 2018

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