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This is all getting to be pretty bad when no one listens!?
All Buick Rendezvous overheat! It's a badly designed system with no upper engine compartment ventilation! It's one thing to save on mileage with a hot engine but another when it's so hot it burns out all gaskets and seals everywhere! Counter productive to say to least! People are spending tons of money on repairs that are not necessary!
I bought a 2002 Rendezvous knowing full well that I could fix the overheating problem! I got a good deal on the SUV and bought it knowing it was an easy repair! The previous owner spent a bundle on new head-gaskets and still the overheating problem did not leave! I purchased it knowing full well what the problem "was" !
I did an inspection on the (engine compartment) The engine sits quite high in there and the heat of the engine has no escape from the compartment. It's closed off and the engine sits in it's own heat getting hotter and hotter destroying gaskets and all other heat related injuries ! The cooling fans direct the incoming air to the bottom and out below the problem!
My inspection shows trails where the heat did escape around the upper rubber seal at two ends over the engine compartment.. Those very small openings were the only means of heat escape, but not nearly enough! The heat there was so intense it started bubbling and blistering the paint on the hood! That was all the information I needed to be confident in the purchase of this 2002 Buick Rendezvous!
After the purchase I cut the rubber seal down away from the hood at least one inch by two feet from center...NOTE! I was also careful not to remove the guard area for rain water. The lower section of the rubber guard takes care of that. For a test to be sure I sprayed water over the windshield and not a drop spilled onto the engine.....
Well it's been two years and not one over-heating problem since...... I have photos on the work done if you like......

2002 Buick... | Answered 8 hours ago

Sounds like a bad fuel pump or fuel regulator also cold be spark plugs if occursthe worst when it cold

1994 Buick Park... | Answered 10 hours ago

replace the cam shaft position sensor

1991 Buick... | Answered 11 hours ago

does the caliper piston have any notches cut into the edge of the top of it? if so you need a special tool to rotate that back into the caliper

Buick Regal Cars... | Answered Yesterday

The blower motor control processor ! HVAC BLO fuse #2 30 amp -location ,rear fuse box . It is under the back seat . This is s different GM vehicle ,but still the same as your's.
Chevy Trailblazer EXT Blower Motor Won Turn Off

2004 Buick... | Answered Yesterday

Test the ground wire strap. Run a ground wire from battery to ground on the ignition and see if that’s the problem.

2003 Buick Regal | Answered 2 days ago


Heat not working on passenger side

There are lots of tips about replacing the blend door actuator, but rarely do you find the solution to the problem if the blend door works fine. So, here is the solution. It is the heater core! After time, if not properly cleaned and flushed (like most people do), the antifreeze gets nasty! Especially if you use the GM Dex Cool, and add tap water instead of distilled water. The heater core has very small passages, so it is much easier for it to get plugged up. One side of it can get plugged, and cause the exact same symptoms of a bad blend door actuator. Fortunately, most of the time its only a matter of flushing the system, and rarely replacing the heater core! It is also easy to do on a 3.8L Buick Lucerne! All you need is a garden hose, a nozzle, and pliers. images 2 and 3 show the nozzle type and a shutoff valve.
First remove the clamps and hoses shown in the first picture. Turn on the nozzle to its highest flow point, and insert the nozzle into the small hose (1). Aim the large hose (2) down, or into an extension so the waste water does not get everywhere, especially not on the serpentine belts! Turn the shutoff valve on full for 2 to 3 minutes so it flushes the heater core. Water should start running clear after a few seconds, and at a good flow rate. Then reverse the flow by moving the nozzle to the large hose, following the same procedures. You can put it back together at this point and top off the antifreeze, however, I would highly recommend flushing the rest of the system first. Remember, the old antifreeze that blocked it in the first place is still in the rest of the cooling system! Easiest way to do this is put the large hose (2) back on the motor, reinsert the nozzle into the small hose (1) and SLOWLY turn on the shutoff valve. The old antifreeze will start coming out from the port where the small hose goes. When the flow comes out clear, remove the radiator cap and block off the port where the small hose goes (with your thumb, whatever, but remember, the port is plastic so don't get aggressive) and the water will start coming out the radiator fill. When it comes out clear, shut off the water, and put the hose and both clamps back on. Fill the radiator with (concentrated) long life antifreeze for all makes and models and dilute to proper gravity with DISTILLED water! Follow the maintenance instructions for this procedure. Don't forget to fill the overflow tank to its max level, and you WILL need to bleed the air from the system, or you will have no heat. Turn on the heater to maximum heat on high. So I don't reinvent the wheel, go to this link, and it will tell you how to bleed the air. You will need to let the car cool down after, and then refill the radiator again. Drive around for a while, let cool down again, and top off radiator and level overflow tank again. After that, your heat should be working great again, on BOTH sides. It sounds like a lot, but is actually very simple. Other than the filling and cooling down part, the whole procedure only takes around half an hour. Hope this helps.

heater hoses-jxh2gii2dg0dh0euajrildk1-5-1.jpg


shut off valve-jxh2gii2dg0dh0euajrildk1-5-12.jpg

2 days ago | Buick Lucerne Cars & Trucks

voltage is a bit low. have you tried rotating the engine by hand with a socket on the crank., just to see if the engine is free to move. if the starter engages but not turn, it could be the voltage as they can be regulated this would stop it from flattening the battery via the solenoid, its usually around the 11 volts mark on some types. as low volts will damage the battery. or the battery amperage is not good.

1998 Buick... | Answered 2 days ago

jumped it with screw diiver across the 2 posts on the silinoid. it engages but wont turn over.??? Engine is locked up ,seized up .. get a new engine

Buick Cars &... | Answered 2 days ago

7EA is not a trouble code. Some OBD scanners display this code when it needs more info, such as which component group to check. Your best bet mite be to take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop.

Buick Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

Hello Mike Owen,

I sincerely believe there are about a half dozen things that
can cause what you are describing... My most Vexing was
a floppy muffler baffle that kept plugging my exhaust
(pre TROUBLE codes (1975 Ranchero in 1980)).
I understand now... a bunch of trouble codes would
be showing... If you get them read at AUTOZONE
avoid the TOTALLY UNNECESSARY purchase of
OXYGEN SENSORS... They mostly REPORT the bad
news... (in my opinion

Totally FREE circuit Drawings & Technical Service Bulletins
(TSBs) are available on the BBB Industries website...

Registration is required... (These are REAL documents)...
BBB Industries Premium Alternators Starters Power Steering Products
The only problem... Every time you return from the
DRAWINGS you are in the Technical Service Bulletins...

and must switch back to "WIRING"... but FREE... helps.

I hope I have.

Carnac the Magnificent

Buick Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

Sometimes these have a learning curve and everyone destroys it the first time.
I suggest drive it to an experienced body shop. show it to the tech, and ask him how to remove it.

Buick Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

It's on the exterior of the heater box

Buick Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

The Passlock system temporarily lost contact with the key

Buick Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

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